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Word running slowly - how do I uninstall?

Annie reported "Your trial is making Word run slowly when it starts and opens new documents.  How do I take it off?"

The apps FREE and apps Formatting Efficiency ribbon toolbars load each time MS Word starts, and each time you open any document.  The normal behaviour is that it shouldn't be that slow.

If you have apps Engine installed this will also load each time, but should not impact the document open time at all as it's not loading buttons etc like the ribbon toolbars.

You can uninstall easily by going into
Windows XP: Start > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs
Windows 7: Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features

Select the APPS FOR OFFICE apps Efficiency, and select Uninstall
or Select apps Free (or any apps application) and select Uninstall.

Follow the prompts.

If Word continues to run slowly, the problem is likely not caused by APPS FOR OFFICE addins.

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