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Ribbon Load: 1 5981-"Could not open macro storage" [RESOLVED ] adhoc error experienced when opening document from email

When I open a word document directly from an email, it opens three documents (2 blank), and presents the following error;

This client is running apps FREE - I can't seem to reproduce this error.  I've tried opening a couple of documents - one based on an APPS FOR OFFICE template and one not.  Niether produced the error on a PC running both apps FREE and apps Efficiency.

(Suggested trying with an document based on an APPS FOR OFFICE template because, if the document was originally built on the current PC experiencing the error it would reattach the template which has an AutoNew macro - not an AutoOpen which could conceivably have something to do with this error - but just though it would be useful to check.)

Suggest trying the following:

1. Does the error happen everytime you are opening a Word document from email?

a. If no, which documents does it happen with - what is different about them? Do they have a macro call (select Alt+11 to check macros)  Does the same document cause the error when not opened from email (ie save the document to your desktop and open it from the desktop.)  Next try starting MS Word from the Start menu (or task bar), and opening the document via File > Open (2010/2013), or Word Start> Open (2007)

b. Is it the time of day you are running it?

2. Check Task Manager, with MS Word closed (preferably close using File>Exit (2010) or Word Start > Exit (2007), sort in Process order.  If you see Winword.exe  in the list, click on it, and select End process.  Similarly, if Excel is closed and Excel.exe is in the list, close this process also.  Sometimes MS Office doesn't close applications off properly - especially if a document or workbook crash has occurred on the PC.

3. Is a Windows update, Backup, or other process that might be using resources running?

4. Always a good idea to clean up any tmp files - With all applications closed, search *.tmp and delete them, then search ~*.* and delete them.  Those you can't delete, are required.



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This error is caused by Protected View being set in MS Word which protects you from opening a document from Outlook or the Internet which intiates code on your PC - even though it's an addin you've got installed.  Select File > Options > Trust Settings > Trust Center Settings > Protected View >  de-select first 3 checkboxes.


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