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Ribbon installed but tab not visible when I start MS Word

 Q: We intalled the apps FREE ribbon but it's not visible when we start MS Word

A: Sometimes addins don't load automatically mostly due to miscellaneous temp files that are left behind when MS Word crashes.  Once you re-load the ribbon, it will load automatically until you experience a MS Word crash again.

This used to happen quite frequently, but now seems to just happen on odd occasions and is usually caused by the Ribbon not loading automatically.  Please check the following:

1. Ask the user to check their Word Startup folder:

In Windows Explorer, navigate to c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Startup - is the APPSFOROFFICE.dotm file present?

(Note, they will probably need to make system files and folders visible to see the AppData folder - to do this, in Windows Explorer, Select Organize (menu)>Folder and Search Options>View (tab). 


  • Show hidden files, folders and drives,
De-select the next 3 checkboxes:
  • Hide empty drives on this Computer folder
  • Hide extensions for known file types
  • Hide protected operating system files (recommended) - and click [Yes] to the warning message.

2. If the APPSFOROFFICE.dotm file is present, then it has installed and needs to be loaded manually - You just need to do this once.  Once the addin has been loaded manually, it then will load automatically each time Word starts.  To load the addin:

  • Start MS Word
  • Make the Developer tab visible:
  • Select Word (start) button > Word Options
  • Select General, and check the box "Show Developer tab"
  • Click OK
  • Click the Developer tab
  • Click the Document Templates button (second last button)
  • If APPSFOROFFICE.dotm is in the Addins list, check it, and click OK - the Ribbon will load.
If APPSFOROFFICE.dotm is not in the addins list, click [Add...], it will display the Templates foldernavigate to the ...\Word\Startup folder (see path above): click Microsoft in the address bar, and then scroll down to the Word folder, and then select Startup.

  • Select APPSFOROFFICE.dotm
  • Click OK - the ribbon will load

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