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Customer Code missing

 If you have received this message:

It means that you have tried to use the Insert Table, Insert Chapter, or tried to display the list of coloured text styles stored in the document.

All APPS FOR OFFICE built templates (either ours or templates we have created for you) will have a Custom Document Property called "Customer Code".

The apps read this code in order to find the right building blocks, or styles to display.



The customer code can vary from template to template - even if we built it for you.  The document you are working on inherits the customer code, building blocks and styles from the template; and they can be changed in the document if you need to.  Advanced users might want to change the code if they import styles from another document or template.

If APPS FOR OFFICE error messages report the customer code is missing - there are two possible causes for this message, either:

  1. Your document has a customer code, but the building blocks and character styles don't match it; or
  2. Your document doesn't have a customer code, and may or may not have building blocks and character styles that use a customer code.

There can be only one customer code for the document. 

The customer code is usually "apps" if the template is an APPS FOR OFFICE template, or it can be an abbreviation of your business name, such as "DEAKIN"; or a unique code identifier such as, "AB2" - we give Graphic River templates unique customer codes like this.

Because the customer code is used as a prefix for character styles - all your business templates will have character styles for your brand colours.  You want these templates to all have the same customer code.



Click File > Info > Properties > Advanced Properties

The Properties screen is displayed.

Select the Custom tab.

If a Customer Code exists, it will be listed:



Display the Styles pane.

Click Home tab > little arrow in style section

Scroll down the list and look for character styles that have a colour in the name.

Character styles are marked with an "a" instead of a paragraph mark in the style list.

If your style list has a set of colour character styles like this - the prefix is the Customer Code that is used. 

If the Customer Code here matches the Customer Code used in the Building Blocks for chapters and tables, add this Customer Code to the document.

If you decide to change the Customer Code to something else that suits you better - can you change the names of these styles to reflect the new Customer Code you decide to use.  But make sure the Customer Code used with the Building Blocks used by apps Formatting is the same.



Click Insert tab

Select Quick Parts (towards end of Insert Ribbon)

Select Building Blocks Organizer ...

Sort by Category

Scroll down the list to see if there are any building blocks with a category: [code] Templates

They will be building blocks for chapters, tables and captions.

You need this Category prefix, to match the code used by the character styles.

You can change this Category code by selecting the Building Block and clicking Edit Properties.



To avoid needing to add the customer code to every document you work with, open the template(s) and update the Customer Code.  Each time you create a document from the template, the Customer Code, the styles and Building Blocks stored in the template will be imported into the document.

Sometimes, you are working in a document that for some reason has the building blocks and styles set but the Customer Code is missing.

Add the Customer Code by:

Select File > Info > Properties > Advanced Properties

Click the Custom tab

Add your Customer Code to the list of properties.

(If a Customer Code already exists, select it, and change the value as required)

In the Name field, type "Customer Code"

In the Value field, type the code you have decided to use.

Click OK



Once you have made sure that the building blocks, character styles (for coloured text) and the customer code match:

Click the apps Formatting tab

Select the Coloured style list

If you know you have character styles for your brand colours, and the list does not display, the Customer Code you added to the Custom Document Properties list does not match.

Check the Insert Tables gallery, and the Insert Chapter Gallery.  If these building blocks exist, these galleries will display if the Customer Code matches.

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