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Error message when double-clicking a file from within the Templates folder

 Dear hard-working support staff


I am following episode 1 of your training – and when I double-click a file in the Templates folder, I get an error message regarding the orange document information panel.


The sequence of events is:

1-I have not started Word yet


Then, in the training (at 19:14 minutes) you show how to start a document from within the Templates>apps for office>Sales folder by double-clicking a file.

When I double-click the apps Proposal Black.dotm file:

2a-Word starts, yay

2b-I get the ‘Security warning’ re macros – I press OK and enable content. So far so good.

2c- then I get this error message


2d-when I press OK in the error message, a document based on the template appears but the orange Document information panel does not.


I tried a few times by closing down my pc then trying again; but this is the sequence each time.








Hi Deb

Thanks for reporting this error.  I think the installer package you used might have had some templates that weren't properly updated from the previous version.


Under the Report a Problem Category, I've posted a more technical fix to this issue.


The issue you report could be to do with an old template being installed.  However you mention in a later post that the apps Formatting tab is not visible either.

This is sign that at some point that apps WorkSmart (apps Formatting and apps SmartDoc [appsEngine]) has been disabled and will not load - which in turn causes the error you first mention when starting a document based on the template).

You will likely need to re-load the apps Engine addin as described in the post linked above "apps Formatting tab not visible..."


Replace your template file with the template attached to this post; should fix the problem.

Note - there are forum posts here which can tell you were the templates are located; but as a quick reference for Windows 7, the apps for office templates will be stored in the Sales or Delivery folders here:

c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\apps for office\

Please let us know if this response does not help.


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