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How to stop my Word document crashing

Crashed are caused by corruptions in the document. If you are in the habit of starting each new document from an old document, you are likely starting with a corrupt document which will crash.

The only remedy for this is to rebuild the document from scratch.

This requires a clean base template. Create a document from the base template and then you paste your content in from the old corrupt document, small section by section, and use Paste Unformatted (or paste into Notepad, and then copy and paste into your document).

Then format your content using styles.

This prevents the corruption from going into your new document.

If you are working on a Mac - there are other things which I'd need to show you via a GoToMeeting. There are tmp files which you would need to clean up etc when Word is closed.

If you have a document that needs to get out in a hurry and it keeps crashing, you can try these fixes:
- turn your formatting marks on
- go to the end of your document and add a few paragraph marks
- copy the entire document except the last couple of paragraph marks into a new document.

If the corruption is not too ingrained this can work.

I tried this with your document but it didn't work, which can be the situation when a document has been crashing for a while.

After trying the solution above... if it still corrupts, you need to copy section by section (without the page and section breaks) into a new clean document.

With each paste you save the document and Save As a new version. When you copy the corrupt section, the document will crash. You ignore this one. Go back to your previous version, and continue copy the remaining parts of the document over section by section. Leaving a space for the corrupt part which you don't copy in.

Once finished - you then retype the corruption page or pages.

And finally, save often - manually, disable AutoSave, and don't use the recovered version (after a crash) except to copy the new content into your last properly saved version using Paste Unformatted.

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