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Setup a template to be Protected

 With V3 of apps WorkSmart & apps SmartDoc you can set up the document to be protected from change by your author teams.  

This changes was requested by an Insurance company CEO who wanted his representatives out in the field to be able to generate a document but not to make any other changes - as he would be liable if unapproved information went out to the customer.

They can generate the document using the business rules but they won't be able to make other changes, or at least only changes you specify when you protect the document.

These instructions apply to both MS Word 2010 and 2013, and possibly other versions.

To protect template content (or any document content):

1. Open your template or document. 

Remember, if you are protecting the content in a template, you right-click on the template file in Windows Explorer and select Open

2. Click on the Review tab

3. Click on Restrict Editing - this displays the Restrict Editing panel which gives you three sections to apply protection criteria.

4. Select the protection you want to apply to most of the document.

For example, if you want no one to make any changes to the document, select "No changes (read only)" under 2. Editing restrictions.

The options you can select here are

  • No changes (Read only)
  • Comments
  • Filling in forms
  • Tracked changes
5. If there is any area of the document where you would like authors to be able to freely add or change content (without the restrictions specified in step 4 above) select each area in turn and tick the "Everyone" checkbox:
  • Select the word(s), paragraph(s), or pages
  • Click "Everyone" in the Restrict Editing panel
If you are just wanting to highlight a space where people can add new content, add a MACROBUTTON field with the instruction to the author - select this paragraph,, and tick the Exception box.

You will notice that each time you click "Everyone" the area that you have selected is highlighted in a pale yellow.  I recommend adding an instruction to the author at this location. When an author is working on a document, they can click "Find next area I can edit" to jump to the next place they can add or change content.  You might think this is sufficient, however if you take them to an place which has no content to change, or any suggestion of what they could do, they will likely not add anything.

6. Click "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection", and you will be prompted to add a password.
Note - there is no way to hack this password - so make sure you record it somewhere that you can find it again, or keep a unprotected copy of your document or template as your Master.

7. If you are wanting to use this template as an APPS FOR OFFICE template which updates cover, contact and address details:
  • Go to Document Properties
Word 2010 & 2013: Select File>Info> Properties (on right of screen) > Advanced Properties
  • Click on the Custom tab
  • Type in the name field: Administration
  • Type in the Value field: [your password]
  • Click the Add button

8. Save your template, and test by creating a new document from the template.

NOTE This instruction assumes you are familiar with using templates with APPS FOR OFFICE products - if you would like to know more, check the
  • Resources page on our website: for the first Convert a Template training session which describes working with templates in more detail.
  • Products page on our website: for the three videos which demonstrate how to use apps WorkSmart, apps SmartDoc and apps Formatting.  When you install apps WorkSmart for a 30 day free trial you can keep the free proposal and report templates.

Remember, email us at if you need help.

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