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Installing - Nothing happened


There are a few simple reasons why this would happen, and I'm sure we can get you back to work quickly.

Glad you would like to try apps FREE - in order to help you better, can let us know:
  • What version of Word and Windows you are working with
If the version you are using is Word 2007 or later or Windows XP or later - no problem.
If the version is Word 2003 or earlier, or Windows 2000, NT or earlier, or Mac versions - apps FREE will not work on these versions.

If your version is OK, at what point did nothing happen?
  • Were you able to download the installer file? 
No - please contact for assistance.
  • Were you able to run the installer?  
If no, please contact and provide additional information about how you tried to run the installer.
If yes, did the installer finish?  Did you click a Finish button?
  • If the installer finished, Open MS Word (2007 or later).  Can you see an APPS FOR OFFICE tab?
If yes, click on the APPS FOR OFFICE tab.  Type some sample text onto the page, and press Enter, to create a paragraph.  Copy this paragraph a few times.
Select the first paragraph, and click the Headings button.
Select the second paragraph and click the paragraph text button
Select the third paragraph and click the bullet button.

If everything installed properly and you just don't have the APPS FOR OFFICE tab visible when you open MS Word, read on - otherwise let us know the answers to my questions above and we will be able to help your further.

Thank you for your patience!  I realise it's annoying.

IF APPS FREE installed, and you can't see the APPS FOR OFFICE tab in MS Word.

MS Word can be fickle and the addin doesn't load automatically the first time - even though it has installed properly.

To display the APPS FOR OFFICE tab:
  • In MS Word, select Developer (tab) > Word templates
Display Developer tab by:
Word 2007: Select Word Start>Word options>Popular, check display Developer tab in ribbon, click OK
Word 2010: Select File>Options>Customize Ribbon>tick Developer, click OK
  • Check the "Global templates and add-ins" section. 
  • In the box titled, "Checked items are currently loaded" can you see APPSFOROFFICE.dotm?
1. APPS FOR OFFICE.dotm is in the list
  • If yes, is APPSFOROFFICE.dotm ticked?
  • If yes, check the tabs again - there should be an "APPS FOR OFFICE" tab.
  • If you can't see an APPS FOR OFFICE tab de-select APPS FOR OFFICE.dotm and click OK, Exit Word and restart Word, and check it again.  if no luck - contact me again.
2. APPS FOR OFFICE.dotm is NOT in the list
  • Click the [Add ...] buttonThe "Add Template" screen is displayed.In the Address bar, select MicrosoftScroll down the folder list and select Word > STARTUP
  • Select APPSFOROFFICE.dotm
  • Click OK, APPS FOR OFFICE.dotm will now be in the list and ticked
  • Click OK to close the Templates and Add-ins screen.
  • APPS FOR OFFICE tab will now be visible.

Don't worry if these instructions don't make sense, if you can let us know a convenient time (include your time zone) we can do a remote meeting and we can have a look at your computer to further troubleshoot why you can't see APPS FOR OFFICE.

kind regards SuzyD

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