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How to get started with our website

 My friend Clelia and her partner follow their passion restoring old bikes.  Over the years they've learned a lot and think it might be useful to others with a similar passion to be able to find them, provide advice etc.

OK – so Lesson 1! Help I need a website


Internet businesses are all about community; and the collection of people who follow you – either because they want to learn from you or be involved and contribute.


So, you need a website so that that community can find you and interact with you; so it’s a website with a forum, and you might even want a place for paid up Members to interact. And you also need a Facebook page for your business (I don’t know so much about that).


1. Decide on your top 10 preferred domain names

2. Check that your favorite domain name is available - go to

3. If it is, Register your domain name as Business in Victoria

4. Go back to DigitalPacific and register the domain name

5. Start a Twitter account – using business name

6. Start connecting to people on Facebook and LinkedIn – FB is the priority for your kind of business

7. Create a FB group; and maybe a LinkedIn group – LI might is changing who uses it; so worth doing both.

8. Probably also Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc – one’s I don’t use so much, but for your kind of business they’d be good – more picture oriented - so register your business name /domain name there as well.


You want your business to be global – so for your domain name to be any good globally, you need the .com

.biz, .info, etc – are all nice – but the .com is the one. Think of it this way – how often do you go to a .info or .biz site?


You don’t need to use DigitalPacific, and there are likely to be cheaper alternatives out there; but ask others and make sure they are reliable and secure; have good procedures etc; host WordPress,or whatever website platform your want to use.


For your website, I go WordPress – there are thousands of templates available on the Internet.

is part of envato – they are a great resource. If you go there – use my link; as I get 30% of your first purchase. J


My designer - the lovely Arjan Van Woesel - put me onto MySiteMyWay who build a pretty good WordPress template, there are a few to choose from, and they provide good support – I use Construct:


Connect to everyone you know; and start writing or videoing a weekly blog – that’s the aim, but I am yet to do this!


I’ll chat to you about how to organise blogs, next time…


If you find this post helpful - please let me know!

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